November 1, 2014

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Love by Design by Lisa Watson

Getting to Know Lisa Watson

Please tell us about your latest and/or upcoming release. Love By Design is Book 3 in The Match Broker series. Sometimes, love is right where you left it. -- Transforming Belle Cove Resorts’ image could take Dakota Carson's company to the next level, but it means working with the man who broke her heart. Years ago, Logan Montague walked away from everything, including the woman he loved. Now he's back, and he won't risk losing Dakota again. What do you feel is your biggest … [Read More...]

My Little People

My Little People Book Blast

Book Title: My Little People A Social Worker's Journey Genre: Self- help, Instructional, Healthcare workers, Caregivers, Social Workers Author is giving away (4) $25.00 Amazon Gift Cards (4) Winner will be announced! Link to raffle is here About The Book When facing terminal illness the shock of the news that there are no more medical treatments (chemo or radiation) only comfort measures available can turn your world upside down. Hospice? What is that? Many people have never heard of … [Read More...]

PP Native Cover.4388980.indd

Terra Cotta Beauty Book Tour

Book Title: Terra Cotta Beauty #TerraCottaBeauty Paperback: 142 pages Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 12, 2014) ISBN-10: 1491271671 ISBN-13: 978-1491271674 Genre: Fiction Author: Jola Naibi About The Author Jola Naibi was raised in Lagos, Nigeria and studied in in the United Kingdom. She enjoys writing and blogging as a way to satisfy and extremely eager imagination. About The Book Follow the daily lives, loves, and hopes of an entire community in … [Read More...]


Love’s Remnant by Regena Bryant – Giveaway!

Read the blurb and answer the question below to be entered to win one of five copies of Love's Remnant by Regena Bryant! Is Rosita right? “Avery, men are simple,” Rosita started. “Sex and serve a sandwich.” Avery burst out laughing. “What? Are you telling me all it takes to get a man is sex and making a sandwich?” She’d learned a lot about all types of men from Derrard and she wouldn’t say it out loud, but Rosita was dead wrong. “No, Avery, now you’re being fast. I said sex and … [Read More...]

Flawbulous cover

Flawbulous by Shana Burton #flawbulous

About the Book Has there ever been a time when you did the one thing you swore you’d never do? For fabulously flawed friends Lawson, Sullivan, Kina, Angel, and Reginell, that time is now! When Lawson is pushed against the wall, she fights back by betraying those closest to her. A split decision changes Sullivan’s fate and family dynamics forever. Kina is searching for love again but finds it in all the wrong places. Happiness is finally within Angel’s reach, but another woman may cause it … [Read More...]


Getting to know M. Skye

How long have you been writing, and how did you start? I’ve been writing since middle school, mostly poems and short stories. I only recently started to dabble in full length novels. I love to read, so I was sitting reading a book from one of my favorite authors, and I thought, hey, I can do this. Two months later, I had Circle of Deception, my first novel, and I’ve been writing ever since. What’s the story behind the title of your book? The title lets you know that there is … [Read More...]


Ungolden Silence by Lydia Brew #ungoldensilence

About the Book Beatrice James and Elaine Wilson work for a marketing firm in Houston, Texas. Life hasn’t been easy for Elaine as she copes with her disability, and at the same time manages to function in her everyday life. The two coworkers and friends jump at the opportunity to help run a Disabled Awareness Campaign when Mrs. Stevens, from Washington D.C., calls the ladies up and pitches the idea. Elaine agrees to chair the campaign and Beatrice agree to be second chair. Both women agree to … [Read More...]