September 2, 2015

Stolen Moments by Margie Walker

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. . . a haunting past, violent deaths and emotional upheaval in the present threaten the promise of a forever love affair in . . .


Helen Parker long stopped thinking about a romantic life for herself. After-all, no man wants a woman who screams every time he touches her. Then, she meets forensic anthropologist Dr. Sean King and even his proposal for an affair resonates in her bosom with a passionate flutter.


Sean King is only doing a favor for his former teacher by witnessing the murder scenes of mother and child
Butler. A confirmed bachelor, Sean isn’t looking for a permanent relationship until he meets Attorney Helen Parker and her daughter, Elaina. There was wanting, and then there is wanting, as family takes on new meaning for the anthropologist.


But the Butler deaths ease into their lives, filled with lessons on how to be loved, and Sean’s fear of always
being too late happens as the villain seeks revenge against Helen and Elaina, threatening to end dreams of a future in . . .


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