August 29, 2015

Getting to Know Kendall Banks

kendall-banks-pic1. Introduce us to your book and the main characters. What makes each one special? Do you have any favorites?

Welfare Grind starts off with an explosive scene that shows Keema, the main character not taking ownership of something that has the authorities at her front door. When her kids are taken away from her this starts a downward spiral for tons of tricks and scams that Keema pulls off to get them back…all in the name of getting those Welfare Benefits. The money is good..REAL good and she can’t stand the thought of not collecting the funds. Keema’s character is very authentic and has readers wanting to choke her!

Treasure is Keema’s daughter who subliminally acts just like her mother. At ten years old she’s had to grow up all too soon becoming an apprentice in their project based home. Treasure is quick, witty and extremely intuitive. Unfortunately for Keema, karma may come from her own child. They say- the apple never falls far from the tree.

2. Which character or topic in the book can you identify with the most? Why?

I can mostly identify with the ten year old character, Treasure. Forced to grow up without a father and ultimately be responsible for her younger brother’s well-being, Treasure often takes the ‘mother role’ and is allowed to use her own judgment to solve problems at such a young age.

I myself was one of those kids who didn’t have a relationship with my father, so I knew this was a subject that a lot of readers could relate to.

3. Is this the book you intended on writing or did it take on a life of its own as you were writing? How do you stay focused?

It definitely took on a life of its own because the character, Keema became so dramatic and entertaining after the first chapter. She became far more dimensional that I ever imagined and has several variations. She became so exciting, and so absorbing, I couldn’t stop writing. Even with her flaws, the readers seem to love her.

4. Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?

I want readers to walk away with the understanding that being on the system is a choice and getting off is a lifestyle change. It’s easy to get complacent when you’re getting income to live with little effort. The money may seem good on the surface, but is it really self gratifying and what message does it send to your children? For those who really need it, I’m hoping they use it to help them get on their feet then get off of it.

5. We are here to shine the spotlight on your new book, but what’s next? Share with us your latest news, awards or upcoming book releases. How may our readers follow you online?

My next project is the third part to Welfare Grind. Readers everywhere are talking about parts 1 and 2 (Still Grindin’) of this Series. This book is going to explore the aftermath of Keema’s decisions and what effects they had on Treasure.

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