August 29, 2015

My Father’s Colors Blog Tour with Marian L. Thomas

My Father’s Colors Blog Tour

About the Author

Marian L. Thomas graduated Magna Cum Laude, receiving her Bachelor degree in Business Communication. She began her writing debut as a Sports Editor and as a News Editor for a local Atlanta college paper.

It took over twenty-years for Marian to see her first piece of published fiction in Print?Color Me Jazzmyne, in early 2009. Color Me Jazzmyne went on to become a Amazon Best-selling novel for Marian, reaching #1 in the Rhythm & Blue category, #2 in Inner-Child and #7 in Performance/Voice for her character Naya Moná’s, amazing melodious tones that are developed throughout the book.

Color Me Jazzmyne was awarded as one of the “Top 100 Books” for 2010 by the Sankofa Literary Society Review.

While Marian’s books are a work of fiction, they touch on the struggles of women, abuse, relationships and friendships, giving each one a hint of reality that readers are looking for in a good, clean and emotional story.

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Tell us about yourself.


“I am from Chicago but  currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia with my biggest-supporter—my husband and our spoiled but playful dog, Winston. My debut title, Color Me Jazzmyne, went on to become an Amazon Best-Seller and was ranked as one of the” Top 100 Books”-1st Qtr 2010 by the Sankofa Literary Society Review.


“March 2011 marked the welcome of my newest release—My Father’s Colors-The Drama-Filled Journey of Naya Monà Continues, to online retailers  such as, Barnes &, Kindle and Nook. My Father’s Colors is perhaps my favorite of the two books, it takes you on the journey of four individuals that lead to one incredible destination, filled with betrayal, lies and shocking secrets.”


What type of jobs or careers have you worked in the past?


“For the past several years I have been a Network Specialist, working with companies that are in need of developing a private network infrastructure between their main and remote offices. It’s a far cry from writing but it helps pay the bills.”


Who are your favorite authors?


“Being an author, I have had the privilege of meeting many talented authors such as, Trice Hickman, Brian W. Smith and Curtis Bunn.”


What are your favorite books?


“Most people find it hard to believe that I am more of a “movie watcher” than book reader. The last book I read that I really enjoyed was by Christina Schwarz. It was called Drowning Ruth.”


When did you begin to realize you wanted to write?


“In high school. I wrote the first draft of Color Me Jazzmyne back then. Of course, over the years it took on many revisions until I finally threw it away and started over. The only thing I kept was the main character’s name, Naya Monà.”


Tell us about your journey to publication.


“I first started “serious” writing in college. I wrote for the school paper as a Sports Editor and then later as a News Editor. 20 years later I finally held my first published novel in my hand. Today, I am proud to still be on that journey with the release of my second book.”


Are you a full-time writer? If so, describe your day?


“No, I wish. It’s a goal that I look forward to one day achieving. I tend to do most of my writing at night.


Where can readers connect with you?


“My website is I am also on facebook and LinkedIn.


About the Book

Four people will travel on a journey that will lead to one destination.

How do you find a daughter you never knew you gave birth to? That is the question that Naya must answer as she once again finds herself on a journey filled with betrayal, lies and shocking secrets of her past.

How far would one go for love? That is the question that Chris wastes no time answering. He will do whatever it takes to remove his wife’s pain, even if it means being the one to cause her the most.

Fame and Fortune have been the determining factor for Misty ever since her father passed away. How far will she go, this time to achieve it?

Carl Thompson has found the love of his life, only she doesn’t know it. Green eyes and hazel brown hair fill his dreams for the future. Does he have enough love for the both of them?

Join best-selling author Marian L. Thomas as she takes you through the pages of My Father’s Colors. This book is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and get caught in the drama-filled story of a woman’s journey to find her voice, again!

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  2. Marian,
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