September 4, 2015

The Unlikely Remnant Virtual Book Tour

Tracey Michael Lewis GiggetsTell us about yourself.

Whenever I’m asked to do this, I think about all the hats I wear. I’m a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, an editor, a consultant, an educator, and of course, a writer. I view all these roles through the lens of service. I am a servant in the best kind of way; a servant of the Lord.

What type of jobs or careers have you worked in the past?

I began my career post-college working for Fortune 500 companies like Lucent Technologies and Dun and Bradstreet as an account executive and account consultant, respectively. As I completed graduate school, I took what I thought would be a short break from Corporate and spent five years writing and building my own company, Lewis Consulting Group, a business and educational consulting firm. After getting married in 2008, I returned to work in higher education and began working as an adjunct professor of writing and business for several universities in NJ and PA, an educator at the African American Museum in Philadelphia and as a business consultant at Temple University.

Who are your favorite authors?

Wow! This is so hard for me because I love many authors across many genres. If I think about what I’ve been reading recently then I would say some of my favorites are Bernice McFadden, Tayari Jones, Nella Larsen, Junot Diaz, and I must say, I’m super infatuated with Christian fiction writer Tosca Lee right now.

What are your favorite books?

Again, such a hard question! Both my library and iPad indicate I have at least 200 favorite books. So I’ll go with books I’ve read recently that I love: Nella Larsen’s Passing, Tayari Jones’ Silver Sparrow, The Book of Night Women by Marlon James and all of Tosca Lee’s books, including the one I’m reading now, Iscariot.

When did you begin to realize you wanted to write?

I’ve been telling stories for a long time. LOL! Long before I realized I wanted to write. I wrote plays and skits for my church as a teenager and wrote letters to myself and God as a kid so I guess I had a hunch that writing would always be a part of my life. However, I actually didn’t recognize it as a possible career path until much later—in my mid-twenties.
It’s funny because I don’t always want to write. But I have to. I think I’d burst if I didn’t.

Tell us about your journey to publication.

I’ve both self-published and traditionally published my work so the journey to publication in both cases has been filled with both triumphs and trials. In self-publishing my fiction, I’ve learned so much and grown tremendously as a writer. I published my first novel back in 2004 and if I look back over the last nine years and the three novels published during that time period, I can say I’m grateful for every bump and boost I experienced during that time. My latest book, The Unlikely Remnant, could not have come about without all of it.

The book deal I signed with Beacon Hill Press for my nonfiction book, The Integrated Church: Authentic Multicultural Ministry actually came about as a result of my speaking ministry. In 2007, I happened to be speaking at a conference in Nashville on the subject of multicultural ministry and an editor attending my breakout session suggested I expand my work into a book and submit it to her publisher. That deal ended up falling through but the book concept began to generate some buzz and I was picked up by Beacon Hill. They released the book in Sept. 2011.

Are you a full-time writer? If so, describe your day?

While I did spend about five years as a full-time writer, I am currently not full-time. But I work in the publishing industry. I’m the Managing Editor at CLC Publications, a 72-year old publisher of Christian nonfiction headquartered just outside of Philadelphia.

The Unlikely RemnantAbout the Book

Faye is a mother in the AME church. She has spent 40 years of her life working for the Lord. Chad is a white, conservative Christian radio talk show host. He enjoys riling up the masses about issues related to race, gender, class, and politics. Jeremiah is a popular, Christian tele-evangelist. The charismatic, African American pastor of a popular mega-church, he is celebrated for his knowledge of scripture. Rosa is a Hispanic, single mom. An English teacher in the Catholic school she grew up in, she is a survivor of domestic abuse. So what happens when these four very different people find themselves trapped in a historical church in North Philadelphia AFTER THE RAPTURE? More than left behind, the characters in THE UNLIKELY REMNANT are left to deal with the personal truths and tragic secrets that led to them missing God; all while wrestling with the prejudices that inevitably surface in their relationships with each other. Who will press in and who will give up their soul forever?

About the Author

Tracey Michae’l Lewis-Giggetts is a writer, editor, and educator. The author of six books including The Integrated Church: Authentic Multicultural Ministry and Interruption: The Gospel According to Crystal Justine, Lewis-Giggetts explores in her work both the personal and collective impact of the intersection of identity and faith.

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    Tracey Michae’l Lewis

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