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Legal Online Gambling and the New Legal Online Casino Industry

Legal Online Gambling can be tricky, so it’s important to know where you stand before wagering any of your hard-earned dollars. First of all, it’s important to understand that while many US states have legalized online gambling, others still outlaw the practice entirely. Find Gambling Laws by State first. Then find out about the laws surrounding gambling in your specific state. Most of the time, these web sites will also include links to the official websites of the state’s laws. These sites contain detailed regulations surrounding the state lottery, horse racing, poker, and online gaming.

Legal Online Gambling

In addition to legal online gambling, most states prohibit both gambling by humans and animals within the state. In some states, there are no legal online casinos at all, while others allow them. In states where there are casinos, they may only be operated by licensed dealers, and these states generally differ from the more liberal states where online casinos are illegal. Additionally, while all states prohibit gambling by minors, there are differences as to how gambling by adults is defined.

In the Illinois state capitol, for instance, online gambling by adults is against the law because it is considered to be both “immoral” and “pornographic.” Likewise, in California, online poker rooms are explicitly banned under the California State Sarbanes-Oxley Law which deems that it is a “maliciously designed” crime for anyone to knowingly operate an online poker room that accepts deposits or pays winners in such a way that there is a loss of funds to the site. Online poker rooms that accept Illinois residents’ money are not necessarily illegal, but running an unlicensed gambling site could very easily be.

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